Alien Lizard - Original Art-Original Art-kenfolks
Alien Lizard - Original Art-Original Art-kenfolks

Alien Lizard - Original Art

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Master of stealth this Kenfolks character is conniving and Machiavellian.  A warrior without compromise, at least that's how I see it. I love this sculpture he is cool with his antique nut pick as a lance and his steely eye glare.

Every Kenfolks® character begins as an original polymer clay sculpture by the artist Ken Fedoruk. The sculpture is decorated entirely by hand and each character is exquisitely adorned to create a unique one of a kind Christmas art experience.

Ken's attention to detail is what sets them apart, resulting in highly textured characters. He uses the finest materials available including real fur, Swarovski crystals, antique jewellery, top quality fabrics/leather and enameled paints. Often each decorative element is made by hand...from top hats and knitted scarfs to candy canes and toys in a basket. Ken's unsurpassed dedication to quality has culminated after years of creating these wonderful keepsakes. Built to last, these charming collectibles can be yours to cherish for generations.

Original Art

4" h x 2"w x2"d approximately
Collectable number - KF30